نایلون شفاف - Transparent Nylon - النایلون-LDPE

نایلون شفاف - Transparent Nylon - النایلون-LDPE

Transparent nylon, in fact is new generation of nylon bags, which has perfectly transparent than similar nylon bags at the same time, delicate and elasticity.

This product is available up to 120 centimeters for width and a maximum thickness up to 200 microns. Due to the update technology of this product, it can be used transparent nylon in industries that require a soft, yet transparent package.

The purpose of producing these films is to eliminate the disadvantages of each type of cellophane film due to its high brittleness and nylon films because of its low transparency. Currently, Vahid Cellophane Manufacturing Company is a sole producer of transparent nylon with this technology in Iran, which this matter is indebted to experience more than 40 years and the experienced and technical staff of this complex.

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