Vahid Cellophane Manufacturing Company produced Transparent tablecloths under the brand name “Blur” in 2000. One of the problems of the restaurants is the problem of being greasy tablecloth plastic, glasses or even tablecloth fabrics. This is a very important issue for customers in terms of healthcare. Crystal tablecloths can induce a sense of satisfaction and cleanliness of the table for customers in addition to quick collection with very clear color and suitable widths for different types of tables. This product is made by 100% new materials that guarantee to customers in terms of healthcare that have been supplied and prepared a goods in accordance with their worthy.

Outstanding features of Transparent Tablecloth include:

۱٫ Ultra-high clarity of the product allows you to view your table.
۲٫ Being health this product which makes it to be used in health places.
۳٫ The thinness and high elegance of the product make it very economical.
Transparent Tablecloth can be presented to customers in form of 2 rolls and cutout
Each roll has 15 meters of transparent tablecloth, with width of 120 meters, which packed 25 tablecloths in per carton.
It should be noted that color orders for the mentioned table are accepted too.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can provide these tables at the desired width and length depending on the order.

For consolation and accurate information about this product, you can contact our experts through our contact section

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