Water Soluble Bags

One of the problems that there are in the laundry sector is dissemination of infectious contamination arising from infections clothing of the wards to the environment. It not only causes environmental pollution but also causes potential dangers of infecting people . Modern technology proposes using Water Soluble Bags. By using these bags, it is not necessary to remove the infectious and chemical clothe and bed sheet again for washing it after being placed in the embedded bags within surgery room. Just put the clothes into the washing machine along with the bag and these bags dissolve inside the water after getting water to them, and there is no trace of the bag after a few minutes. The features of Water Soluble Bags include :
۱ . Adaptation to sewage and urban purification system.
۲ . The minimum required temperature for complete decomposition is 23 ° C.
۳ . Being the strap in the opening of the bag prevents the leakage of infectious substances to the surrounding environment.

 and in addtion :

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