Soft garbage bags – Multi-layer

As you know, 2nd grade materials are used in production of waste bags that are known as overconsumption bags in the market. Significant features of this type of bag are unpleasant smell, inappropriate color and lack of elasticity. In order to overcome these problems, Vahid hardcover production succeeded to produce multi-layer trash bags in 1995. 1st grade material has been used for producing this kind of bags which caused to great elasticity, a pleasant smell and a shiny and beautiful color in this type of bag. Importance of this generation of bags is lightness of the used raw material which the number of bags in per kilo is almost double secondary grade waste bags.
Benefits of Soft garbage bags – Multi-layer:

Soft garbage bags – Multi-layer unit is capable to produce any types of multilayered garbage bags up to maximum width of 120 cm.

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