بسته بندی شیرینگ- Shrink wrap

بسته بندی شیرینگ- Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap or shrink film is one of the packaging products with low melting point relatively. This product is minimized when it comes to contact with heat and it sticks to the material integrated and one-handed if it is wrapped around a product. When a product is shrinking, it is actually prevented from entering dust and air. For example, companies that packing glass sauce, shrink the product door to prevent air penetration into the container, for example, dairy or beverage companies pack its packages with shrink, to prevent dust through contacting bottles in addition to convenient transportation. Shrink expenses are so extensive that cannot be stated its applications properly, by mentioning many of its applications but if you need a stylish package you can use this goods.

Some uses of Shrink wrap:

  ۱٫ Packing food bonnet to prevent air penetration.
۲٫ Packing bottles of mineral water or drink for economic savings.
۳٫ Vacuuming food.
۴٫ Vacuuming the restaurants foods for easy transportation.
It should be noted that if you want to advertise on this type of packaging, you can put your favorite print on your packaging.
Vahid Cellophane Manufacturing Company with more than 40 years of experience is ready to conclude contracts with any types of manufacturing and packaging factories. Shrink wrap is available in different thicknesses and sizes.

For more information about this product, you can contact the consultants.

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