Infectious Waste Bags

All infectious and harmful wastes from hospitals, health centers, medical diagnostic laboratories and other similar centers that require special care and management due to the high level of at least one of the hazardous properties such as toxicity and pathogenesis, is applied a special medical waste. Such wastes are usually associated with phlegm, blood, urine, feces and secretions of patients therefore require erasing and disinfection through specific devices with various methods such as autoclave, hydrocolloid and chemical. In order to annihilate these materials in each method; should be used in specific bags named Infectious Waste Bags in the same way, which would result in irreparable damage if you choose unfavorable genus. Which we provide explains about each one separately as follows:

۱٫ Infectious Waste Bags with Autoclave Method:

Autoclave bags have many advantages and abilities such as tolerance of high temperature of 140 degrees, bearing high pressure, high resistance and elasticity because the bags containing infectious waste bags high-pressure and high-temperature are placed inside a special device and are safe. In this case, sterilization process is carried out with a steam system and steam penetration is important in the sterilization process. O One of the most important items in these bags is the floor sewing. Therefore, the smallest leakage of infectious substances into the environment will lead to spread a dangerous contamination. It should be noted that the production bags of this factory are multi-layer, high strength, two sewing on the floor of work, golden color and in various sizes.

۲٫ Infectious Waste Bags with Chemical Method:

Vahid Cellophane Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing Infectious Waste Bags with having the world’s modern machines. In the chemical method, the sterilization action is carried out through using antiseptic material into bags containing waste and placing it in the device. At the end of this operation, the head of the safe waste bags are sewn by the machine, and the annihilation process is completed. The bags produced in this method are differing from other bags in terms of raw materials and structures by far. Since sing antiseptic material causes its accumulation at the bottom of the bag, so sewing the floor of these bags is very important. The production bags of this factory are produced in form of multi-layer, high strength, two sewing on the floor, yellow and in various sizes.

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