Naylks or HDPE Bags is nickname of production films based on Heavy Duty Polyethylene (HDPE). These types of films are less flexible, more impact, more fragility and less transparency than light weight polyethylene. Grocery stores, fruit stores and so on use it a lot which so-called it Slabs HDPE Bags. Since HDPE material has very high tensile, if put it a load more than capacity of the bag, the bag is stretched and is not torn unlike the nylon material. Nowadays, nylks materials are used more than in many other industries that cannot be read in this post.

The major usages of HDPE Bags are:

  ۱٫ Types of bags for carrying fruit and food
۲٫ Types of freezer bags
۳٫ Disposable table
۴٫ Disposable gloves
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