One of the common problems for using waste bags is transporting problem of these bags so that it may not be transported a large number of bags individually. Garbage Bags Roll are a product for supplying need . By using this bags , each person can replace the bag in more than 20 waste bags by having a small roll in his pocket or hand. Garbage Bags Roll is very suitable for using in small bins.
Benefits of Garbage Bags Roll :
۱ – Color variation of these bags allows separating waste in different departments and institutions, which this matter plays a valuable role in the quality of the organization.
۲ – Due to the high subtlety of these bags, it is possible to knot it easily and prevent leakage waste materials.
۳ – Sewing these bags is stellar which makes the end of the bag stick to the end of the bucket completely and there is no problem for putting the bag in the bucket.
۴ – The packing density of this product reduces the warehouse depot.
Due to its subtlety and smoothness; Garbage Bags Roll is used in small bins of departments, health places, toilets and so on. If you are looking for a large, resistant and high-density waste bag, you can use a multi-layer waste bag or garbage bag.

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