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Nowadays, greasing of restaurant tables is one of the problems that annoy customers. So through a very simple inquiry around us we can discover the existence of this very simple and important problem. Transparent restaurant tablecloths are the most cost-effective and healthy alternative to this problem.

Some restaurants use chemicals and often window cleaners to clean their tables, and this carries a high risk that no one will notice. If you are one of those people who use detergents to clean your dining table, be sure to read the rest of the text.

All degreasers are alkaline. If we want to take a more practical look at alkalis, materials such as:

  • Bleaching liquid
  • blood
  • Saliva
  • soap
  • sea water
  • Ammonia
  • shampoo
  • Stomach syrup
  • Water Gear

They are alkaline. One of the major applications of alkaline substances is the ability of these substances to burn fat. In other words, once it interacts with fats, it dissolves it by itself, and the greater the alkaline strength of these substances, the more their fat burning properties will be, so much so that high alkalis can have a fire-like effect on human skin.

Glass cleaners are also a type of alkaline which, if they get into the body, can cause severe poisoning in humans. This poisoning can lead to blindness or death, even in children. Surprisingly, despite the approval of the Ministry of Health to ban the use of this dangerous substance, in some restaurants this substance is still used as a table cleaner.

On the other hand, we see that despite the fact that the restaurant table has been cleaned with these chemical detergents, due to the dead dirt on the table, these materials have no effect on the table, and after cleaning the table, it looks greasy and dirty on the table. Become. As far as can be seen, many clients, when seated at tables, first clean their fronts with paper towels.

At first glance, the solution to this problem might be the use of disposable tablecloths. But it should be noted that the mostly publicly available disposable tablecloths (not all !!) are made of Grade 2 materials with a large amount of rocky soil! Indeed, if the restaurant chooses this solution, the situation will only worsen.

According to the esteemed union and health experts, fresh, healthy tablecloths should be used for this. If the respectable restaurant owner wants to use the new common tablecloths, he will definitely bear a lot of the overhead costs, but by consuming the transparent restaurant tablecloths, which are for this purpose, you can save a lot of money.

Our transparent restaurant tablecloths are made of 100% new materials and because of their very low thickness can be very economical for our dear restaurant owners. Hygienically speaking, it is important to note that the main rule of these tablecloths is used in the food and packaging industries, removing any branch of the unhealthy nature of this type of tablecloth.

Also, transparent restaurant tablecloths can degrade faster in the environment than nylon bags due to their high biodegradability, and this can also play a very important role in environmental health.

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