drawstring garbage bags

drawstring garbage bags

Vahid hardcover production factory was succeed to produce drawstring garbage bags (TieToss Contractor Bags) in 2015 . one of the issues that led to the company’s intention to produce this product is the problems arising from tying ordinary trash bags and sometimes leaking waste into the environment . for example in health centers that have contaminated with waste. Drawastring Garbage Bag which in fact are new generation of waste bags are produced using 100% new materials and modern technology devices . the result is a very high-quality, very high-resistance, rare elasticity product that has made the health centers facilities purchase and use it because of benefits of these bags.
Benefits of drawstring garbage bags (TieToss Contractor Bags):
۱٫ All drawstring garbage bags (TieToss Contractor Bags) are of first grade material and 100% new, therefore they are free of any odors and contamination.
۲٫ The side-seal technology this bag is such that the floor of the bag is non-stitching, so that possibility of leaking and tearing from the sewing area in these bags is zero.
۳٫ drawstring garbage bags (TieToss Contractor Bags) are manufactured in different dimensions and colors in form of perforate rolls which this issue facilitates transport of bags in the wards and the service force may change bag in the bins quickly with having a light roll.
۴٫ The embedded strap in the bags eliminates problems caused by knitting the bags and no more than one fourth of the bag volume is left empty for binding which this is a significant advantage in terms of saving number of bags.
۵٫ The use of first grade materials was caused to consider acceptable resistance and elasticity, despite thinness of these bags . the other hand nature of lightness of raw materials is one of the important reasons that caused the number of these bags in one Kilo volume is more than doubled second grade waste bags in this volume which is economical.
۶٫ drawstring garbage bags (TieToss Contractor Bags) reduces the volume of depot. Due to lightness of these bags, the volume of demand is reduced to half as much as second-class bags. In other words, if you use 3 ton ordinary trash bags per month, this amount will be reduced to 1.5 tons by purchasing this kind of bag.
۷٫ The use cases of these bags includes: health centers, hotels and restaurants, private homes, departments etc.
The size and dimensions of these bags is as follows:

NO                  Size
   ۱               ۶۰* ۵۰
   ۲               ۷۰* ۵۵
   ۳               ۸۰* ۶۵
   ۴               ۹۰* ۷۰
   ۵               ۹۰* ۸۰
   ۹               ۱۰۰* ۹۰
  ۱۰             ۱۰۰* ۱۰۰
  ۱۱             ۱۰۰* ۱۱۰


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