تولید و فروش سلفون -Cellophane - بسته بندی سلفون

تولید و فروش سلفون -Cellophane - بسته بندی سلفون

Cellophane is nickname of transparent and glass films which its raw materials is based on polypropylene (PP) which during its production melt material was formed  the film after passing cold water. These glass films have a strong and fragile character which many people confuse this product with the BOPP family. Due to its high transparency and fragility, it can be used in the food industries. Today, many small retailers such as grocery, spices producers, packing toy etc., use this kind.
Another usage of this product is very high resistance it against heat. Some industries need a type of bag that can withstand extreme temperatures. For example, when a nylon bag is placed against intense sunlight, it may be crumpled because it has a lower melting point than cellophane. with having high temperature and ability to shirking in this temperature; can be used in those industries which require high melting bags.
The major uses of this product are:
۱٫ Clear tablecloths for using in homes, halls and restaurants
۲٫ Different types of packaging food, dried fruits, clothing and…
۳٫ Volumes of any types of books and pamphlets
۴٫ and…
Vahid cellophane manufacturing factory produce this product from width of 4 centimeters to 110 centimeters by using the most advanced this product manufacturing machinery. It is worth mentioning that this unit is only manufacturer of wide cellophane in Iran. All manufactured products in this regard are available in form of roll, cut and packed as well as printing in 6 colors.

also we can product special kind of cellophane like side seal , performed , clear and the other .

for more information you could contact us .

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