black garbage bags - routine

black garbage bags - routine

۲nd grade ordinary waste bag are the most used type of bag in the market. Variety of color and size in this type of bags is possible according to customer’s order. The company has a large share for supplying waste bags of health centers, public and private companies throughout Iran and neighboring countries include Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Afghanistan and European countries by using the latest machinery of the world . black garbage bags – routine can used in outdoor because this kind of garbage bags have Unpleasant odor .

for face of this problem the most of company uses fragrant compounds .Noways company opt a product with some priority like economic , quality , unfriendly and etc but black garbage bags – routine are a very economical product and it can be personalized with cutler of mankind of a zone .

you can connect  Selefone Vahid hardcover is more than 40 years experience and customers can rely our product .


You can contact our consultants for more information about products.

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