Vahid Cellophane

   Vahid Cellophane Factory was established by the deceased Haj Safar Habibirad in 1354 and is currently operating managed by Mr. Mahmoud Habibirad. The factory site is located at Norouzkhan market, Kheirabad and central store located at 15 Khordad Ave., old road of Qom. This manufacturing complex is working with utilizing specialist and young resources, using any types of devices for producing cellophane, nylon and nylks, printing, cutting, sewing automatically for supplying any types of polyethylene and polypropylene products. In this regard, it will do its best to maintain its active record in this field. We have summarized our slogan in three words of quality, accuracy and accountability to trust in God as an active producer in moving the production wheels of our beloved homeland. we can participate as an active manufacturer for moving manufacturing wheels of our beloved homeland with trust in God.
The products of this production unit include:
Production any types of multilayer bags for disposal of infectious waste by autoclave, hydrocolloid and chemical methods.
Production of nylon, cellophane and nylks from width of 4 centimeters to 120 centimeters.
Production of cellophane bags for all types of packaging and thick and thin coatings based on request
Producing transparent cellophane for tablecloths of restaurants and homes according to order dimensions.
Production of ordinary, double-layer, perforated and garbage bags in various sizes and colors.
Production of one layer and double-layer cellophane and sewing it in packed form.
Glued edge, advertising bags.
Cut any types of cellophane, Teresa in different widths.
Production of nylon up to 120 cm on single layer and double layer basis.
Printing from one color to six colors on cellophane and nylon.
Production of various types of printed bags in different dimensions.
This unit is ready to accept specific orders for all kinds of cellophane, nylon and nylks products printed without printing.